Definition of sugar glider in English:

sugar glider


  • A flying phalanger that feeds on wattle gum and eucalyptus sap, native to Australia, New Guinea, and Tasmania.

    Petaurus breviceps, family Petauridae

    • ‘A sugar glider is a tiny marsupial indigenous to Australia.’
    • ‘Like the other projects that involved Jane and PLL, this one is a success, and Foxy, Rocky, and Stevie have a fine new home in Hillsboro, Missouri, in a den not far from some sugar gliders.’
    • ‘At dusk pademelons and wallabies come out while sugar gliders float through the forest canopy.’
    • ‘But aside from is leaden, lackadaisical pace, the movie believes in a world so sickly sweet that it would give sugar gliders, fruit bats, and honey bees diabetes.’
    • ‘There is a sugar glider, an emu and a kangaroo, several koalas, snakes, geckos, frogs, and eagle, a wombat, a pelican, and many more as well.’