Definition of sugar cube in English:

sugar cube


  • A small cube of compacted sugar used especially for sweetening hot drinks; a sugar lump.

    • ‘They have a relatively long handle, in the middle of which is a sort of pierced platform or cradle to hold the sugar cube.’
    • ‘For immunisation against polio three drops of the vaccine are put into the child's mouth, or they may be put on a sugar cube that is then eaten.’
    • ‘With an alcohol content of 70 percent, the elixir is too much for most people to drink, and is normally taken as a few drops on a sugar cube.’
    • ‘Douse the sugar cube in Angostura bitters and place into a champagne flute.’
    • ‘First, we poured our shot of absinthe over a sugar cube that rested in a silver slotted absinthe spoon.’
    • ‘Place a sugar cube in the center and cover with another apricot half.’
    • ‘The Library of Congress can be stored in a memory module the size of a sugar cube.’
    • ‘Not content with drawing an Indian map, messages and the like on the sugar cube, Prasad hit upon the idea of doing something quite bizarre.’
    • ‘Probably the first method employed, particularly in private houses, was to lay a fork across the top of a glass containing absinthe, place a sugar cube on the tines, and pour water slowly over the cube into the glass.’
    • ‘The bacteria could convert the energy of a sugar cube into powering a cellphone for four days.’
    • ‘A block of gold about the size of a sugar cube can be beaten into a translucent film some 27 ft on a side.’
    • ‘Put a couple of drops on a sugar cube or in a cup of warm water, or drink a cup of peppermint tea.’
    • ‘Reaching into his pocket, St. John pulls out a sugar cube tied to a string.’
    • ‘Ari gave the mare a few pats, and gave her a sugar cube.’
    • ‘When packaged with associated electronics, the researchers believe the mini magnetometer will measure about 1 cubic centimeter or about the size of a sugar cube.’
    • ‘There are about as many stars in the Universe as there are atoms in a sugar cube.’
    • ‘She plunged a single sugar cube into the cup and stirred before taking a sip.’
    • ‘Try crushing a sugar cube between a pair of pliers in the dark, for example, and the cube will glow with an eerie bluish-white light reminiscent of The X Files.’
    • ‘Occasionally the dose will be in a sugar cube or on a small piece of plastic.’
    • ‘The Greek bride tucks a sugar cube in her glove to ‘sweeten the union.’’


sugar cube