Definition of sugar cane in English:

sugar cane


mass noun
  • A perennial tropical grass with tall stout jointed stems from which sugar is extracted. The fibrous residue can be used as fuel, in fibreboard, and for a number of other purposes.

    Genus Saccharum, family Gramineae: several species, in particular S. officinarum and its hybrids

    • ‘Muslims introduced new crops, such as sugar cane, rice, cotton and a number of fruits.’
    • ‘On the Pacific Coast they grow rice, cotton, sugar cane, and barley for sale.’
    • ‘However, molasses, which is the residue collected after sugar cane has been refined, is a rich source of nutrients.’
    • ‘Whether it is sugar cane, wheat or coffee, the result is the same.’
    • ‘It is an initial surprise to see gleaming white temples and familiar British road signs alongside the fields of tall green sugar cane.’
    • ‘Examples of C4 plants are corn, sorghum, and sugar cane, both of which do well in hot, sunny conditions.’
    • ‘It doesn't make any more sense to be paying a lot of well-off farmers to make sugar beets and sugar cane in this country.’
    • ‘However, the economy is primarily agrarian, with principal crops of rice, sugar cane, maize, and wheat.’
    • ‘Actually, sugar cane and rice are much more integral to Taipei culture.’
    • ‘Our spirits are high as we drive past the fields of sugar cane and rice, with the warm sun on our faces.’
    • ‘MSG is a powdered form of glutamate made by fermenting molasses from sugar cane and beets.’
    • ‘Like all grasses, sugar cane has a jointed stem, and its leaves and branches come from the shoots at each joint.’
    • ‘The traditional farmers have sugar cane, tropical fruits, beef and dairy.’
    • ‘This approach has already been used successfully to saturate different genomic regions of sugar cane, barley and wheat.’
    • ‘This inoculation technique has been used successfully to examine the infection of sugar cane and sorghum leaves by Herbaspirillum spp.’
    • ‘We know that the ancient Austronesians grew rice, millet, and sugar cane.’
    • ‘Also pictured are stalks of sugar cane, a palm tree, bananas, and a white dove.’
    • ‘The CountryLink XPT runs through plantations of sugar cane and passion fruit.’
    • ‘It is no surprise that C4 plants, such as sugar cane, maize and sorghum are among the most productive crops in agriculture.’
    • ‘Botanically a grass, sugar cane's roots lie in the South Pacific, but it now grows wherever the climate is warm and balmy.’


sugar cane