Definition of sugar bag in English:

sugar bag


Australian, NZ
  • 1A honeycomb or hive of the wild Australian stingless bee.

    ‘he saw a kind-looking Aborigine, holding out to him the biggest sugar bag he had ever seen’
    • ‘I cut only one sugar bag and take it home to my father and mother, who are waiting for me.’
    • ‘A mere toddler would point triumphantly to a 'sugar-bag' tree, recognising it as such by the wax on its fork.’
    • ‘We get 3 shillings a sugar bag. Sometimes get more.’
    • ‘One Aborigine to whom I was talking said he would not marry a station half-caste, because “him all right to sleep alonga, but him no good catch 'em sugar-bag."’
    • ‘The densely twined fibre baskets used for collecting 'sugar bag' were coated with gulf plum gum to keep them from leaking’
    • ‘The women hang up their baskets at Garlnga, full of fat sugar bag, cut, waxy cells oozing dark, viscous honey.’
    • ‘We been here walking round everywhere, Urandangi, cut em' that sugar bag.’
    1. 1.1mass noun (in Aboriginal English) honey from the wild Australian stingless bee.
      ‘they must give me something in return, so they sent me along sugar bag’
      • ‘It was very hard for the old Wirrigan to say no because everyone loves sugar bag.’
      • ‘In the Victoria River district of Northern Territory, where sugar-bag is regarded as a special delicacy they use heavy wooden digging sticks to prise it out of termites' mounds.’
      • ‘You can eat these hard little coloured balls and they do taste like sugar-bag!’
      • ‘Both sexes would collect the highly prized "sugar bag".’
      • ‘Now I will be able to eat sugar bag before I eat fish.’
      • ‘"You like sugar bag?" they asked, and proceeded to supply the party with wild honey.’