Definition of sufficient reason in English:

sufficient reason


mass nounPhilosophy
  • The principle (associated particularly with G.W. Leibniz) that all events must ultimately be explicable in terms of the reasons a divine being would have had for choosing one alternative rather than another.

    • ‘Schopenhauer interprets the last premise as the principle of sufficient reason, which he claims to be the root of all a priori knowledge.’
    • ‘Ultimately, the causal version of the principle of sufficient reason cannot yield the conclusion Clarke wanted.’
    • ‘The final form of the principle of sufficient reason has application to only a single object for each subject.’
    • ‘I see no plausibility in the claim that the principle of sufficient reason is known a priori to be true.’
    • ‘A subsidiary argument invokes an idea of sufficient reason to rule out cosmogony: if what is had a beginning in time, there must have been some reason for that beginning.’