Definition of sufficient in English:


adjective & determiner

  • Enough; adequate.

    as adjective ‘he had a small private income which was sufficient for her needs’
    as determiner ‘they had sufficient resources to survive’
    • ‘Check with your plumber that the style you like gives sufficient output to heat the room.’
    • ‘This would not happen if we had sufficient staff and resources to do our job properly.’
    • ‘I find that two minutes on a high setting is sufficient to provide comforting warmth.’
    • ‘If there had been no book then the movie would not have been sufficient to carry the story into legend.’
    • ‘If it can do all that in sufficient numbers, it might be enough to start spooking its rivals.’
    • ‘The institute confirmed that the sums given for house and contents were sufficient.’
    • ‘The case was adjourned because the court did not have sufficient powers to deal with him.’
    • ‘If I had not had sufficient cash on me I would have had to find my own way to the nearest cash machine.’
    • ‘For Susan a single treatment was sufficient for a breakthrough in her health due to her youth.’
    • ‘That experience was sufficient to prove to me that handling these big schemes is no easy matter.’
    • ‘Falkirk were again pinned down but seemed to have sufficient bodies back behind the ball.’
    • ‘Although he did not name her, there was sufficient detail for her to be traced by the media.’
    • ‘This does not seem to be sufficient to warrant a conclusion that one is more readable than the other.’
    • ‘Jam and fudge will be available during the interval and a quiz will be held if there is sufficient time.’
    • ‘He took what action he could to avoid the car but it wasn't sufficient to stop the accident.’
    • ‘These were necessary but not sufficient conditions for the end of the old regime.’
    • ‘I could see that at this rate the five we'd brought were not going to be sufficient.’
    • ‘Even my basic Spanish was sufficient to understand that this was a flamenco school.’
    • ‘The traders must be making a sufficient income because they come back again to sell.’
    • ‘It can be seen by the public and that is sufficient for its owner to escape tax.’
    enough, adequate, plenty of, ample, abundant
    enough, adequate, plenty of, ample, abundant
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Middle English (in the sense ‘legally satisfactory’): from Old French, or from Latin sufficient- ‘meeting the need of’ (see suffice).