Definition of suety in English:



  • See suet

    • ‘Despite hostile reception from UK critics and box-office disappointment, this is quite hearty, suety, meaty British fare - if you can get through the hefty side-orders of modern / American corn and cheese.’
    • ‘‘I try to make them picture-perfect,’ Ken Stevens said, and they were: row upon row of 12-day-aged top sirloins, Tbones, rib eyes and porterhouses, blood-red and juicy, their suety white edges trimmed just so, with flecks and veins of marbled fat guaranteeing the locked-in flavor that is one of the most famous of American tastes.’
    • ‘The popular press, finding it difficult to like the wayward Prince of Wales or the now-Prussian Crown Princess, settled instead for the homely Beatrice, who managed to embody what the previous five decades of Victoria's suety reign had been all about.’
    • ‘If you lunch in a Pall Mall club, you will find the menu degenerating, as it reaches the sweet course, into nursery food - bread and butter pudding, jam roll and custard, suety lumps covered with treacle - and you can almost hear nanny's voice ordering you to eat it all up.’
    • ‘Described on the menu as ‘not seasonal, just substantial’, the pudding's chunked meat was captured in a thick, suety pastry that soaked up the accompanying jug of gravy faster than Tarquin at the bar was sucking up the Bells.’