Definition of suds in English:


plural noun

  • 1Froth made from soap and water.

    ‘she was up to her elbows in suds’
    ‘soap suds’
    • ‘The powerful built-in vacuum extracts the dirt-laden suds in a matter of seconds.’
    • ‘Using a stiff long handled brush, scrub stain with concentrated detergent suds.’
    • ‘Charles said he looked out of his window Friday morning to see suds foaming over the bank.’
    • ‘This simple step protects hair extensions from the disturbance caused by suds, water and excessive handling, keeping your braids neater, longer.’
    • ‘Put a drop of mineral oil in your dog's eyes to protect them from suds.’
    • ‘Made with citrus and coconut oil blends and very competitively priced, it forms tough suds that dispatch grease and food debris with equal effectiveness.’
    • ‘Cut raw meat and poultry on a smooth-surfaced plastic cutting board which can be scrubbed thoroughly with hot suds afterward.’
    • ‘For a non-stick sole-plate, rub gently with nylon mesh pad and suds.’
    • ‘The afternoon was filled with mud, dirt, water, ice, soapy suds and laughter as the students from year 8 to 12 competed with gusto.’
    • ‘The firefighters, made up of on-duty and off-duty personnel, were using fire hoses and traditional suds to get the vehicles spotless.’
    • ‘Rinse your Shih Tzu until the water runs completely clear of any suds and shampoo.’
    • ‘Fill your sink with suds, mop away then rinse with a clean towel.’
    • ‘Swish up warm soap or detergent suds in the kitchen sink.’
    • ‘She leaned further over the bucket, up to her elbows in suds and wet cloth.’
    • ‘Residents wondered what had caused the suds, and worried the soap might have a detrimental affect on fish in the creek.’
    • ‘He was in a large tub full of warm water filled with suds and bubbles.’
    • ‘But they are good at taking baths and showers, and it is a true soap in every sense of the word, with suds, lather and lye: I'm trying to get a towel company interested now.’
    • ‘The smooth glass cleaned easily and the water washed all the remaining suds off.’
    • ‘Wash in lukewarm soapy water, rinse until clear of suds in lukewarm water.’
    • ‘You might try wiping lightly with a sponge dampened in suds and water; testing first in an inconspicuous spot to be sure the water won't stain the covering.’
    lather, foam, froth, bubbles, soap, soapiness
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    1. 1.1North American informal Beer.
      ‘they keep the suds flowing all night’
      ‘a can of suds’
      • ‘He also has a treasure trove of beer facts and information to school anyone on the secrets of the suds.’
      • ‘From 6 to 9 p.m., as many as 5,000 people come for the art, live music and fresh suds from the Blue Star Brew Pub, also housed at the complex.’
      • ‘Sadly, Bulgarian beer hasn't yet broken into the international market in a manner befitting the quality of the suds available here, however at least it has gained some acknowledgement.’
      • ‘Serving up the suds was a lovely Liverpudlian lass who almost made you feel like you popped into a pub on Coronation Street.’
      • ‘These are the ‘casual fans,’ the ones who show up at spring training games solely to soak up sun and suds.’
      • ‘There are now at least two known incidents of bruin burglary, and I suspect there are many others that have gone unreported - because few people have the beer guts to say their suds have been swiped.’
      • ‘We drank the suds and made small talk about St. Louis.’
      • ‘He was once a part-owner of the Minnesota Vikings and owned a piece of Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer during an era when microbrews were playing taps all over the name-brand suds.’
      • ‘Some golfers were lucky enough to be holed up at number 16 and started soaking up the suds instead of rain.’
      • ‘The bottle is made of heavier-gauge aluminum than a standard beer can, so it keeps the suds colder longer.’
      • ‘Whether you are grooving by the stage or sampling the suds, this Festival is sure to move you!’
      • ‘He's the former NFB prodigy animator who now lives in a homeless shelter and spends his days drinking suds at the Copa.’
      • ‘Marshall Street, our local drinking hole, now has shrubbery, not just suds.’
      • ‘Although working offshore on the oil rigs and soaking up the suds on the course does not help his game, he still turns in some good scores.’
      • ‘More than 22,000 people will socialize, sip and sample from over 200 beers during a three-day celebration of suds at Toronto's Festival of Beer.’
      • ‘The hard-drinking bear, estimated to be about two years old, broke into campers' coolers and, using his claws and teeth to open the cans, swilled down the suds.’
      • ‘All tickets are still priced under $10 and there's plenty of buzz to be had with your suds in the centrally-located beer tent.’
      • ‘But there's more flowing in this Midwestern metropolis than just suds.’
      • ‘The presentation was held in the hotel bar, where there was somewhat of a party mood with free food provided and plenty of suds consumed.’
      • ‘Wholesale distributors buy from breweries and sell the suds in kegs and cases to bars, restaurants and retail distributors.’


[with object]North American
  • 1Lather, cover, or wash in soapy water.

    ‘Martha sudsed my back’
    • ‘Judging by the one I viewed, which involved a car wash and much sudsing of non-automotive parts, this was not surprising).’
    • ‘Love the smell of the shampoo she's sudsing through your tresses?’
    1. 1.1no object Form suds.
      ‘soft baby soap that sudsed’
      • ‘Most are low sudsing detergents or alkaline-based cleaners.’
      • ‘The image of the bubble further reinforced a crucial sales point for the product: reliable sudsing.’
      • ‘Dishwashing detergent compositions containing organic diamines for improved grease cleaning, sudsing, low temperature stability and dissolution’
      • ‘Do not put any other cleaning compound inside dishwasher, as it may suds and interfere with dish washing action.’
      • ‘The Drano, however, managed to get into the tub as well as in the drain and when I flushed 15 minutes later with hot water, the water in the tub was sudsing.’
      • ‘His father asked him to run a project in the petro-chemical industry, producing LAB, a sudsing agent for the detergent industry.’


Mid 19th century: of uncertain sense development but perhaps originally denoting the floodwater of the fens; compare with Middle Low German sudde, Middle Dutch sudse ‘marsh, bog’; probably related to seethe.