Definition of sudoriferous in English:



  • (of a gland) secreting sweat.

    • ‘The numbers and locations of sudoriferous glands vary greatly between species.’
    • ‘The eccrine sudoriferous glands are distributed on the entire surface of the body with more abundance on palms, soles and on the forehead.’
    • ‘The action of pilocarpine upon the involuntary muscles is caused in the same manner as upon the sudoriferous glands - by impressing the myo-neural receptors.’
    • ‘Both groups of sudoriferous glands (sweat glands) are in most of the body: eccrine glands are coiled ducts deep in the skin that connect to the surface; apocrine glands are in armpits, areolae of nipples, and the genital region.’
    • ‘As described in Sanmartin et al., Beier in 1985 described a painful, sudoriferous skin nodule of angiomatous nature, which he called sudoriferous angioma.’


Late 16th century (in the sense ‘sudorific’): from late Latin sudorifer (from Latin sudor ‘sweat’) + -ous.