Definition of suddenness in English:



  • See sudden

    • ‘This past week, the two little guys learned - with amazing suddenness - how to ride bikes.’
    • ‘With his separation ability, suddenness and speed, Winslow consistently gets open.’
    • ‘After a few years, when all the richest mining claims had been staked, this small city imploded with equal suddenness, turning almost into a ghost town.’
    • ‘We moved briskly along at the edge of Sloan's Lake, when Fred stopped short with such suddenness that he fairly yanked my arm out of the socket.’
    • ‘Suicide is devastating, its suddenness can leave many unanswered questions.’
    • ‘Peter's been gone long enough that the suddenness of his passing has gone by but the ache is still there.’
    • ‘This time, the suddenness of the fall was reinforced by the fact that it immediately followed her latest explosive re-entry into the political firmament.’
    • ‘The suddenness of the tsunami caught literally tens of thousands of people unaware along the coastlines of southern Asia.’
    • ‘It was the suddenness with which the drop opened, more than a thousand feet from Hualapai Hilltop to the pale thread of the track below, that took my breath away.’
    • ‘Not all things disappear with dramatic suddenness and it might be decades before the various depredations to which wild life is exposed begin to have a noticeable effect.’