Definition of suction pump in English:

suction pump


  • A pump for drawing liquid through a pipe into a chamber emptied by a piston.

    • ‘They abjure large power supplies and equipment items for lightweight pieces such as hand-powered water purifiers and suction pumps.’
    • ‘A valve attached at the outlet to a suction pump controlled the airflow through the chamber.’
    • ‘With a suction pump a hydrostatic pressure gradient of - 0.045 MPa was applied to the excised root systems and xylem sap collected in 20 min intervals as described previously.’
    • ‘Not only did the withdrawal of gold coins from the monetary bloodstream through government coercion fail to stop deflation: it set off a huge suction pump in the bond market siphoning money off from every nook and cranny of the economy.’
    • ‘Gas was sampled through a filter by a suction pump through the gas analyzers at a rate of 220 mL / min.’
    • ‘Galileo had observed the experimental evidence that a suction pump could only raise water by about nine metres but had given an incorrect explanation based on the ‘force created by a vacuum’.’
    • ‘When Ecobot II debuted in 2004, Melhuish suggested one way that it might lure and capture its fly food-source: a combination fly-trap / suction pump baited with pheromones.’
    • ‘Cost implications are important, and currently the commercially available suction pumps are more expensive than conventional dressings.’
    • ‘The arrival of the milk tanker, a huge 16 wheeler with a 150 hp engine and automatic suction pumps to collect the milk, more or less rounded off the morning's work.’
    • ‘On page 31 Legardo states, ‘China was long the suction pump that absorbed silver from the whole world’.’
    • ‘Fishing lines and hooks gave way to nets and giant suction pumps slurped shoals of fish from the water in a single gulp.’
    • ‘The overall movement of air through the apparatus is effected by suction pumps, fans and the like.’
    • ‘The sheath comes in a disposable, specially designed installation tube that is placed into an installation stand and connected to a ShucoVac 130 suction pump or other suitable vacuum source.’
    • ‘They had instructed people to drill a hole in the river bed after which they installed a suction pump.’
    • ‘A deep inspiration serves as a suction pump to get the venous blood back to the heart against gravity.’
    • ‘As mentioned, the rostral part of the oesophagus can act as a suction pump through its connection with the caudal margins of the CB2's.’
    • ‘Karen is once again scrambling for contributions so that the trust can hire an excavator and a suction pump to repair the damage.’
    • ‘A nurse tried to help using a suction pump, but without success.’