Definition of sucking disc in English:

sucking disc


  • An animal's sucker, especially one on the end of each tube foot of an echinoderm.

    • ‘Attaching themselves to the body of the host by means of the sucking disc which is ringed with sharp teeth, a hole is rasped through the victim's skin, and blood and body fluids are thus consumed.’
    • ‘The family is similar to Gobiidae but generally lacks the pelvic fin fusion that creates a ‘sucking disc’ in gobies.’
    • ‘The two main classes are separated on the basis of taxonomic characters of the claws and/or sucking disks, cuticle, cephalic appendages, buccal apparatus, and reproductive structures.’
    • ‘The male may also make exaggerated swimming motions in place by anchoring himself with the sucking disc.’