Definition of suck up in English:

suck up

phrasal verb

  • Behave obsequiously, especially for one's own advantage.

    ‘he has risen to where he is mainly by sucking up to the president’
    • ‘Because, as everyone knows, celebrities are for sucking up to only.’
    • ‘Every waiter and waitress sucks up as much as humanly possible, assuming that that's the way to earn a nice gratuity.’
    • ‘He was just sucking up to the hippie establishment, trying to be cool.’
    • ‘He sucks up to the fat cats; they wrinkle their noses and hand him the check using a pair of tongs.’
    • ‘They're just sucking up to their own bosses, their own lusts.’
    • ‘There is no time for jealousy: you have much sucking up to do.’
    • ‘After about a minute of sucking up and butterfly kisses, he gave in.’
    • ‘She has discovered that the Right pays a hell of a lot better than the Left, and is promoting her own fortunes as fast as she can by sucking up.’
    • ‘In a grand gesture of sucking up, I offered them my lunch to pillage.’
    • ‘Later on, Bobby sucks up to Izzy and tells her he has a big opportunity and wants her advice.’
    grovel, creep, toady, be obsequious, be servile, be sycophantic, kowtow, bow and scrape, play up, truckle
    fawn on, curry favour with, dance attendance on
    bootlick, lick someone's boots, be all over, fall all over, butter up, rub up the right way, keep sweet
    kiss someone's arse, lick someone's arse
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