Definition of suck it up in English:

suck it up


  • Accept something unpleasant or difficult.

    • ‘So please, don't hate winter - winter doesn't hate you; it just thinks that you should suck it up and put on a sweater.’
    • ‘I think I might just need to suck it up and pay the extra!’
    • ‘I sucked it up and did what I said I would do for donations.’
    • ‘He still has to suck it up as he has been sucking it up all his life.’
    • ‘They should suck it up and accept the will of the people.’
    • ‘I sucked it up, however, complimented her on her gown, and wished her and her friends a fun evening.’
    • ‘Hanson tells us to suck it up and muddle through, and he is right.’
    • ‘Maybe if I just suck it up and wait it out it will get better.’
    • ‘The Japanese, for example, speak of ‘gaman,’ which roughly means to suck it up when things are tough.’
    • ‘Superstar artists are going to have to suck it up and deal with accepting less as well because their contracts are driving the outrageous prices.’