Definition of succursal in English:



  • (of a religious establishment such as a monastery) subsidiary to a principal establishment.

    • ‘It was first considered as a mere succursal chapel of Notre Dame parish.’
    • ‘Picturesque and heterogeneous architecture of succursal churches, put up on practically every exposed height, can be seen either from the valley or of a mountain range.’
    • ‘A painting of the Holy Virgin with the Holy Infant so called Bogucickiej (of Bogucice), coming from non-existing succursal church, which used to stand on the grounds of the present cemetery, is its most precious element.’
    • ‘The Parish Church of St Jacob, like many succursal churches in the surrounding area, is a superb monument to 15th century Gothic architecture.’
    • ‘Monks were brought to the abbey from Saint Giles, thus it operated as a succursal church of the French monastery.’


Mid 19th century: from French succursale, from medieval Latin succursus, from the verb succurrere (see succour).