Definition of succulently in English:



  • See succulent

    • ‘This freshwater fish native to Africa is succulently bathed in fresh lemon juice along with sliced red onion and red pepper.’
    • ‘Five dollars bought me about a week's worth of beef, succulently seasoned and stuffed in a pita with a variety of leafy greens on top.’
    • ‘Deliciously, succulently filled with fruit of the bright and elegant variety.’
    • ‘As I placed a bite of the succulently roasted chicken in my mouth, I forced myself not to close my eyes as the welcome taste of deliciousness that filled my mouth… it tasted fantastic.’
    • ‘Meat and poultry eaters can select from succulently prepared lamb chops, curried or stir fried chicken, baby back ribs and beef tenderloin.’