Definition of successful in English:



  • 1Accomplishing a desired aim or result.

    ‘a successful attack on the town’
    ‘marketing of Japanese products has been highly successful’
    • ‘The key to a successful treatment is to be able to attack the root of the cancer.’
    • ‘If the tests are successful, it would be the first vaccine in the world to treat human cases of bird flu.’
    • ‘They are proving so successful that similar centres will open soon across the county.’
    • ‘The family now run a successful business and feel they were lucky to get out of farming when they did.’
    • ‘So in Melbourne we will sell ourselves as a small country who can deliver a successful Games.’
    • ‘One reason reform is not as successful as desired is lack of clarity about what is intended.’
    • ‘It's the story of the most successful peaceful spread of freedom in recent history.’
    • ‘Two years ago, we had a very successful show that got big audiences straight away.’
    • ‘The scheme has been so successful that there have been calls for it to be copied across the borough.’
    • ‘Resistance peters out and the attack is successful in defeating the left in the army.’
    • ‘To walk away or to make sure the photograph was a successful piece of evidence?’
    • ‘It has been a very long inquiry and it is very pleasing to get a successful result.’
    • ‘Her most successful period came last June when she rode three winners in a week.’
    • ‘The successful bid would include a specification of the work and materials and prices.’
    • ‘As we had only two players, you can imagine that the results were not very successful.’
    • ‘The hardest thing about giving up smoking is the fear that you might actually be successful.’
    • ‘If the aim of this exercise was to sell books, then it was undoubtedly successful.’
    • ‘Other successful murals included an animal scene in the bedroom of a little girl.’
    • ‘Instead he intends to employ the same successful strategy that he used at Petrus.’
    • ‘Dr Pease said during the treatment they never gave up hope that it might prove successful.’
    victorious, triumphant
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    1. 1.1 Having achieved fame, wealth, or social status.
      ‘a successful actor’
      • ‘He is a successful entrepreneur businessman who has never had a social conscience.’
      • ‘He was a man eminently successful in the line of life which he chose, and deservedly so.’
      • ‘Many of them would have been successful and wealthy, but did any have a satisfied mind?’
      • ‘He learned to use those hooks they gave him and became immensely successful and wealthy.’
      • ‘All the artists, now famous and successful, were to be seen on the streets and in the cafes.’
      prosperous, affluent, wealthy, rich, well-to-do, doing well, moneyed
      flourishing, thriving, booming, buoyant, burgeoning, doing well, profitable, profit-making, moneymaking, lucrative, gainful, fruitful, solvent, bankable
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