Definition of succedaneous in English:



dated, literary
  • See succedaneum

    • ‘Although the deciduous teeth are in time replaced by the succedaneous teeth, the deciduous teeth play a very important role in the proper alignment, spacing, and occlusion of the permanent teeth.’
    • ‘The space maintainer will need to stay in place until the succedaneous (adult replacement) tooth erupts into the extraction area.’
    • ‘And the reason of it is, because this satisfaction, by a succedaneous substitution of one to undergo punishment for another, must be founded in a voluntary compact and agreement.’
    • ‘Often these roots are flared, and the apical portions may be amputated and left behind in the jaw as the succedaneous tooth erupts.’
    • ‘Ankylosis of primary mandibular molars has been routinely found to be associated with various developmental disturbances in permanent dentition such as aplasia of the succedaneous tooth, ectopic eruption of the premolar, infraoclusion of the ankylosed tooth leading to tipping of the first permanent molar etc.’