Definition of subversiveness in English:



  • See subversive

    • ‘Playing Lucy Collins, the troubled daughter of the neighbourhood's petit bourgeois family, she constantly bristled with an insolent ennui and a mild subversiveness.’
    • ‘Such tactics were even praised by the Daily Telegraph recently as offering ‘an honest subversiveness which a conservative newspaper can admire’.’
    • ‘Aggressive linguistic subversiveness, which used to be his hallmark, has dwindled into charm; sheer amazement has become indistinct bemusement.’
    • ‘Less charitably, shouldn't indie kids be able to listen to music well-educated white people usually think is ‘beneath them’ without requiring it to give off the patina of subversiveness?’
    • ‘The heavy use of vernacular speech in rap lyrics underscores the subversiveness of hip hop with respect to mainstream culture and its consonance with vernacular cultural values.’