Definition of subvent in English:



[with object]formal
  • Support or assist by the payment of a subvention.

    ‘most of the projects had been subvented rather than controlled by government’
    • ‘So, they are allowed rip customers off and they can rely on the taxpayer to subvent the cost of the armed escorts that guard their money while it is being transferred.’
    • ‘Already, the taxpayer is subventing the political-bureaucratic elite to a significant extent.’
    • ‘The Leisure and Cultural Services Department of the HKSAR Government subvents twenty-two residential camps and three water sports centers.’
    • ‘In addition, some form of subsidy through increased children's allowance, income tax relief or subventing the providers directly would help reduce childcare costs.’
    • ‘Directly subventing crèches by €50 per child per week could cost a startling €470m.’


Early 20th century: from Latin subvent- ‘assisted’, from the verb subvenire (see subvention).