Definition of suburban in English:



  • 1Of or characteristic of a suburb.

    ‘suburban life’
    • ‘All right, they're slow for the suburban commute, but that's what the trains are for.’
    • ‘In a crowded place like a suburban strip mall parking lot, you are bound to see at least one white van.’
    • ‘Thousands of people were forced to get off their trains at suburban stations.’
    • ‘Almost all roads can be considered as either urban or suburban in character.’
    • ‘Should we use the existing railway tracks and bring in a suburban rail system as they have in Chennai or Mumbai?’
    • ‘Castlepark's residents are equally enamoured with their little pocket of suburban bliss.’
    • ‘I can improve the way people move around with suburban trains and a central ring road.’
    • ‘There is some indication that these jobs are being filled by students and suburban commuters.’
    • ‘To some, this is a sign that the city's sprawling suburban growth is slowing.’
    • ‘Were they fabricated in a suburban yard, shipped in up the Miss, brought in by train?’
    • ‘The site lies in a dense suburban residential district to the north of the city centre.’
    • ‘Services on city, suburban and commuter routes will terminate earlier than normal.’
    • ‘Busways seem to be the mode of choice to improve suburban transit service.’
    • ‘Aunt Casey lived in a townhouse in a residential, almost suburban, area of Vancouver.’
    • ‘Though commuting to the suburban campus is still no picnic, things have improved.’
    • ‘For instance, we live in a modest sidesplit suburban house, which has a total of 10 steps.’
    • ‘In addition, they suggest their music is less influenced by Liverpool itself than their suburban hometown.’
    • ‘Incentives to entice the few specialists available to practice in suburban areas have failed.’
    • ‘Not only does it have great metro, bus and suburban train services, it also has plenty more.’
    • ‘They live in inner suburban Melbourne and her biological clock is ticking but he doesn't want to hear it.’
    residential, commuter, dormitory
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    1. 1.1 Contemptibly dull and ordinary.
      ‘Elizabeth despised Ann's house-proudness as deeply suburban’
      • ‘These girls' parents aren't exactly your average suburban mummies and daddies.’
      • ‘Hugh used to say that Howard was a boring little suburban lawyer with a closed and not very capacious mind.’
      • ‘The pair played a brother and sister marooned in the wastes of suburban ordinariness.’
      • ‘In Mixed Feelings Paul plays Vernon, a middle-class man stuck in a suburban rut.’
      • ‘They are doing this as a hobby to give shape to their empty suburban lives, not out of love for others.’
      dull, boring, uninteresting, conventional, ordinary, commonplace, average, unremarkable, undistinguished, unexceptional, pedestrian
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