Definition of subungulate in English:



  • A mammal of a diverse group that probably evolved from primitive ungulates, comprising the elephants, hyraxes, sirenians, and perhaps the aardvark.

    • ‘Much of the anatomy of skulls and teeth in subungulates and ungulates has evolved in response to their herbivorous lifestyles.’
    • ‘They are classified as ‘subungulates’ and believed to be related to hyraxes and sirenians.’
    • ‘In this edition, the subungulates are considered to include only the orders Proboscidea, Hyracoidea, and Sirenia.’
    • ‘Sirenians belong to a group called subungulates, which includes elephants and hyraxes, two animals that by appearances and habitat would seem to have nothing in common.’
    • ‘Sirenians are members of the group known as subungulates, thought to be distantly related to hyraxes, elephants, and perhaps, artiodactyls and perissodactyls.’