Definition of subterraneously in English:



  • See subterranean

    • ‘I say to people that I am not writing, but I keep on writing in the diary, subterraneously, secretly, a writing that is not writing, but breathing.’
    • ‘They alter human beings and human relationships, subterraneously for the most part, sometimes quite openly and directly.’
    • ‘This is because the seeds continue to germinate after the first flush of summer weeds and because seeds are produced aerially and subterraneously as well.’
    • ‘The Queen Victoria Building is connected subterraneously with Pitt Street which is also a great place to do your shopping.’
    • ‘Politics and culture juxtapose to unravel a world of tourism and the seething violence and corruption subterraneously and silently hovering in the air.’