Definition of subsumption in English:



  • See subsume

    • ‘One's own subsumption - any tool that allows people to think they are doing the right thing when buying hyper-commodified products from sites of mass-consumption needs to be attacked.’
    • ‘Kierkegaard's injunction that we leap into faith should be taken less, as is normally done, as a demand for the subsumption of reason into the irrational, but as a call to show fidelity to your conviction.’
    • ‘For some thinkers, places must resist total subsumption under the self.’
    • ‘Once security has been attained, then it is sensible to discuss subsumption of these relatively secure populations by the spectacle.’
    • ‘Abetting this response is a cultural admonition against appropriation, an admonition that likely originates with ‘others’ reacting to their fears of subsumption.’