Definition of subsistence allowance in English:

subsistence allowance

(also subsistence money)


  • An allowance or advance on someone's pay.

    • ‘I have decided, if I can arrange it, to trade my state pension rights for a mere subsistence allowance.’
    • ‘But in the last week of June the Chief Secretary reportedly got a draft sent to Mr Kumar toward his accumulated subsistence allowance for two and a half years.’
    • ‘Democracies provided food, or a subsistence allowance, in return for jury service and attendance at public functions.’
    • ‘Members of the European parliament have an allowance of £8,700 a month for staff, can claim £30,000 a year for office costs and have an unrestricted travel allowance and a subsistence allowance of £180 a day.’
    • ‘The Post Office may see it as a quick and efficient way of issuing asylum seekers with their weekly subsistence allowance of £37.’