Definition of subsea in English:



  • (especially of processes or equipment used in the oil industry) situated or occurring beneath the surface of the sea.

    • ‘The present invention generally relates to methods for drilling a subsea wellbore and landing a casing mandrel in a subsea wellhead.’
    • ‘After measuring the path of the subsea cable on a globe, students can work out the planet's circumference from the speed of the signal and the amount of time it takes to make the large transoceanic hop.’
    • ‘Tankers have to use floating hoses to connect with a single buoy mooring, which channel oil through subsea hoses to the pipelines.’
    • ‘Farther south in Colorado, sediments accumulated in deeper-water submarine fans deposited by subsea, sediment-laden, density flows.’
    • ‘The Corrib Field was only viable if developed as a subsea tie-back direct to an onshore terminal.’