Definition of subsample in English:



  • A sample drawn from a larger sample.

    • ‘‘Reliability statistics’ are assigned, depending on whether the coefficient is statistically significant in one or more of the full sample and the subsamples.’
    • ‘Pregnancy outcome did not predict depression scores in either the full sample or in the subsample of pregnancies occurring between 1980 and 1992, even when adjusted for personal and social indicators.’
    • ‘Each field should be divided into sections and one acre should be sampled within each section by taking 15-20 subsamples in a zigzag pattern.’
    • ‘From this sample, a subsample of families was recruited to participate in the present study.’
    • ‘From the remaining sample, a subsample of approximately 50 to 500 mites (depending upon total numbers in the sample) were mounted in Hoyer's solution on microscope slides.’


[with object]
  • Take a subsample from.

    ‘the bulked material was ground and then subsampled’
    • ‘We tried to account for the possibility that silk composition might vary along a fiber by subsampling a cross-section of the dragline for amino acid analysis.’
    • ‘Since the bootstrap and subsampling procedures give similar results, we only performed the bootstrap for trinucleotide repeats.’
    • ‘The forest interior zone was subsampled depending upon proximity to a stream (forest interior stream and forest interior non-stream habitats), as was the forest margin.’
    • ‘We subsampled females of the ‘keep’ and ‘share’ categories to compare three groups of females that differed in their postbreeding behavior while being similar in age, food resources, number of weaned juveniles, and year of study.’
    • ‘We subsampled their data, retaining only North American alleles from each locus when five or more North American alleles were sampled and were segregating for five or more polymorphic sites.’