Definition of subordination in English:



mass noun
  • The action of subordinating or the state of being subordinate.

    ‘the subordination of medicine to political expediency’
    • ‘Indeed he acted all his life on one principle which he thought the essence of a soldier's code: the subordination of self to team work.’
    • ‘As an educationist, her surmise is that literacy had failed to free women from their predicament of subordination.’
    • ‘The power to wage war inherent in the authority of a government provides the necessary subordination of citizen to state.’
    • ‘The character of such a party was also designed to maintain the subordination of the working class to the old bureaucracies.’
    • ‘Women in Venezuela have been conditioned for centuries to blame themselves and accept their subordination to men.’
    inferiority, inferior position, inferior status, secondary position, secondary status, lowliness
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