Definition of suborbital in English:



  • 1Situated below or behind the orbit of the eye.

    • ‘Peripheral blood was collected using a capillary tube from suborbital veins of 5-to 6-week-old mice.’
    • ‘The most striking features described by this component are a relative deepening of the suborbital head region, shortening of the caudal peduncle, and a dorsad displacement of the pectoral fin.’
    • ‘The palatines lie between the suborbital fenestrae, with the anterior palatine processes forming a short V-shaped wedge.’
    • ‘Again, it seems that the presence of many suborbital bones may be significant only at lower levels of systematics.’
    • ‘The upper eyelid is lost, and the suborbital shelf is variably reduced.’
  • 2Relating to or denoting a trajectory that does not complete a full orbit of the earth or other celestial body.

    ‘near the peak of the sub-orbital trajectory the booster fell away’
    • ‘What kinds of unusual economic trade-offs will future suborbital and orbital spacecraft create?’
    • ‘Less than 10 minutes after lift-off the payload parachuted safely back to Earth, and the suborbital flight was over.’
    • ‘Through this program, student experiments were selected in January 2002 to fly on either a NASA suborbital sounding rocket in June or a future Space Shuttle mission.’
    • ‘This should be a good time for the young suborbital spaceflight industry.’
    • ‘Commercial suborbital spaceflight achieved that milestone earlier this year.’