Definition of submunition in English:



  • A small weapon or device that is part of a larger warhead and separates from it prior to impact.

    • ‘It deploys submunition shrapnel at defined intervals, covering a wide lethal area against soft targets.’
    • ‘Separating from the shell above their target, the submunitions descend on wings at a speed of forty-five meters per second to strike the tank or fighting vehicle at its most vulnerable and unarmored point - the roof.’
    • ‘Once sensors detect a target, preferably a tank or armored personnel cartier, the submunition fires an explosive projectile into the top of the target.’
    • ‘The weapon can be configured to carry one of two types of warheads at a time: a 1,000-pound blast/fragmentary unitary warhead, and a general-purpose submunition dispenser with combined-effect bomblets.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, activists should demand that the Pentagon halt exports of high-failure submunitions, update its current acceptable-failure standards and replace the Air Force's stockpile of millions of high-failure submunitions.’