Definition of submodifier in English:



  • An adverb used in front of an adjective or another adverb to modify its meaning, for example very in very cold or unusually in an unusually large house.

    • ‘Yet all Group I adjectives can be used with a submodifier or adverb, such as ‘very’ or ‘really’ and they can also have comparative and superlative forms.’
    • ‘The usual way to indicate the amount of a quality in Latin is by adding specific suffixes to the word's stem or, sometimes, by external submodifiers.’
    • ‘In the case of ‘truly human ’, if ‘truly’ is the submodifier of an adjective, then ‘truly’ is the submodifier and ‘human’ is the adjective.’
    • ‘Some phrases, called submodifiers, can be used to exaggerate or minimise the difference between things.’
    • ‘You'll learn more that way than if I try to prattle on about submodifiers in combination, intensifiers and the like.’