Definition of submissiveness in English:



mass noun
  • The quality of being submissive.

    ‘he didn't confuse respect with submissiveness’
    • ‘And that means, even allowing for the craven submissiveness of the general media, one more chance for the administration to be exposed for the cruel and psychopathic clods that they are.’
    • ‘Men are conditioned to find pleasure in dominance, whereas women - against their self-interest - are conditioned to enjoy submissiveness.’
    • ‘Somebody claiming to detect a divine design in respect of himself may phrase the idea in terms of humility, even submissiveness.’
    • ‘Removing one's footwear before entering a home or a temple before worship denotes a sign of respect, humility and submissiveness.’
    • ‘Despite being commonly held up as a paragon of the submissiveness, obedience, and loyalty that many men would like to see in their wives, women have often taken other lessons from her behaviour.’
    compliance, submission, subservience, yielding, acquiescence, deference, assent, meekness, obedience, dutifulness, duteousness, biddableness, malleability, tractableness, tractability, tameness, docility, passiveness, passivity, humility, resignation, forbearance
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