Definition of submission in English:



mass noun
  • 1The action of accepting or yielding to a superior force or to the will or authority of another person.

    ‘they were forced into submission’
    • ‘The law abiding have been forced into submission by the law breaking.’
    • ‘Vancouver's Holy Body Tattoo celebrates the sensual forces of submission and control.’
    • ‘Ever since, Indigenous Peoples have been forced into submission, if not obliteration, in the name of civilization and progress all over the globe.’
    • ‘First, Hurston describes a gap in the relationship as Joe attempts to force Janie's submission to his authority.’
    • ‘On Friday last in Perth Ireland were forced into submission by a physically stronger Australian side in the first match of the International Rules series.’
    • ‘Transport aircraft carrying supplies kept the German columns moving swiftly, and finally relentless bombing helped to force Warsaw into submission.’
    • ‘In fact, Army forces have always relied on indirect or aerial firepower to pound enemy positions into submission before ground forces are committed.’
    • ‘Instead, and despite its tradition of absolute submission to civilian authority, the Army joined the Committee for Public Safety.’
    • ‘In their tendentiousness, the novels contained a bizarre mixture of Christian ideas, submission to authority, and praise of war.’
    • ‘There would, in fact, be some odd consequences if one were to accept Mr Gibson's submission in relation to situations where the prospects lay between the overwhelming and the negligible.’
    • ‘To some extent we all resemble Dorian Gray in keeping our shadow out of sight, not as an act of will but as an act of submission to that inner authority which Freud called the super-ego and Jung called the moral complex.’
    • ‘But he would also add that this phenomenon is one of the fundamental sources of authority defined as passive submission to the object: in sum, masochism.’
    • ‘Most citizens are docile in their submission to authority, and neither Congress nor the public has any taste for rebellion at present.’
    • ‘He asserts that wars are still decided ‘the old-fashioned way,’ by pounding opposing forces into submission.’
    • ‘If the teachers are of the opinion that they are going to force the minister into submission they are way out.’
    • ‘How can the civil society be made to keep quiet and forced into submission by the fundamentalist forces?’
    • ‘Perhaps the despicable Horst knows whose hand it is and that he will use that knowledge to force Marie's submission.’
    • ‘Of course, I try and hold it back, force it into submission, but in the end it gets away from me and the serial explosions then occur.’
    • ‘To rule mankind as benevolent tyrant was now clearly seen by our Lord to be a rejection of the will of God who does not impose his sway upon unwilling peoples or force them into submission for their good.’
    • ‘There is no place for the purely arbitrary or mean parent or educator, but submission to human authority is necessary for us all, including our children.’
    yielding, capitulation, agreement, acceptance, consent, accession, compliance
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    1. 1.1Wrestling count noun An act of surrendering to a hold by one's opponent.
      • ‘Dupree worked over Rico for most of the match with a chin lock and other submissions.’
      • ‘I always think that it's a good thing to have an alternative finisher and, ideally, for one of the finishers to be an impact move and the other one a submission.’
      • ‘In the Cadets he won with an inner-leg throw and followed the throw with an armlock for a submission.’
      • ‘Both arts employ chokes, armlocks, leglocks and other submission holds to defeat opponents.’
      • ‘In November 2000, he made his UFC debut, defeating his opponent with an armbar submission less than one minute into the fight.’
      surrender, yielding, capitulation, resignation, succumbing, defeat, fall
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    2. 1.2archaic Humility; meekness.
      ‘servile flattery and submission’
      • ‘Knowledge and strength are greater virtues than humility and submission.’
      • ‘For months we've been subjected to proof after proof that we are no longer in control over our own bodies only to look forward to the ultimate humiliation of submission to the rite of passage - pain.’
      • ‘The essential prerequisite for belief, for submission, is humility.’
      • ‘It was a traverse through a world of humility, patience and submission - a long and tedious journey to be undertaken with faith, conviction and cheerfulness.’
      • ‘The images in this song are of loneliness, need, humility and submission.’
      compliance, submissiveness, yielding, malleability, acquiescence, tractability, tractableness, manageability, unassertiveness, non-resistance, passivity, obedience, biddability, dutifulness, duteousness, docility, meekness, tameness, patience, resignation, humility, self-effacement, deference, subservience, servility, subjection, self-abasement, obsequiousness, obeisance
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  • 2The action of presenting a proposal, application, or other document for consideration or judgement.

    ‘reports should be prepared for submission at partners' meetings’
    • ‘An application is being prepared for submission and we will keep you informed of developments.’
    • ‘The award of a scholarship is determined solely by assessment of application and submission of written essay, being solely the work of the applicant.’
    • ‘Provide technical advice on drafting the final protocol and proposal for submission to funding bodies’
    • ‘The deadline for submission of proposals was March 15.’
    • ‘Two months after the deadline for submission of applications the results will be made public.’
    • ‘The fund's decisions will be country driven, with decisions on proposals for submission to be made nationally.’
    • ‘The early submission of papers for consideration for presentation is actively encouraged.’
    • ‘Thank you also for the explanation of the reasons for the delay in submission of your proposal, it certainly clarifies the situation.’
    • ‘Ruby said it had something to do with their application missing the deadline for submission, and the fact that they'd gone through a state of flux.’
    • ‘If the Journal is to live up to the image presented by the new cover, then innovations such as electronic manuscript submission and document tracking systems are needed as soon as practicable.’
    • ‘Mr Casilli said the association would discuss all the proposals for submission after the annual general meeting later this month.’
    • ‘Comments from the town council will be taken into account prior to submission of a planning application.’
    • ‘Last date for submission of application forms is 14 August '04.’
    • ‘It made no substantial submission on the proposals.’
    • ‘It's been a hectic couple of days, getting all the monies and documents together for submission with the loan application.’
    • ‘The planning application is ready for submission and they have received grant aid from Action South Kildare to employ a manager for the start up phase.’
    • ‘The deadline for submission of abstracts of papers and posters is May 1, 2003.’
    • ‘The investor shall entrust the authorized consultative bodies or agencies with application and documents submission for approval.’
    • ‘Coun Brown spoke of her objection to the scheme after hearing that it was prepared for submission, and she stressed that the proposal would cause a lot of concern in the town.’
    • ‘Their services also include advising businesses in dealing with public sector purchasers and preparing proposals for submission to contracting bodies.’
    presentation, presenting, proffering, tendering, proposal, proposing, tabling, introduction, suggestion, venturing, broaching, airing, lodgement, positing
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    1. 2.1count noun A proposal, application, or other document presented for consideration or judgement.
      ‘a written submission to the UN’
      • ‘While no one spoke to the hearing, council received six written submissions objecting to the levy.’
      • ‘Finally from me, a related issue: you very helpfully in your submission attached various documents relating to the gathering of statistics.’
      • ‘Supporting displays and exhibits may also be used to augment written submissions.’
      • ‘Written submissions are invited in relation to the proposed plan by interested persons and groups.’
      • ‘They were given 15 days to make a submission for an application for leave to remain.’
      • ‘Some residents will insist they received no response to written submissions.’
      • ‘The applicants made no submissions on the law or facts in relation to this submission.’
      • ‘The applicability of this submission to the present case, under a different piece of legislation, seems doubtful to me.’
      • ‘Last week during the submissions to the Civil Union bill people were grouped up so that they got five minute slots each to present their submission.’
      • ‘Members of the public can then write submissions to the ABA in relation to the applications.’
      • ‘We would be absolutely delighted to receive written submissions from your good selves.’
      • ‘He was also very disappointed in the decision as the people in this area were the one group who had presented a very detailed submission to the consultants.’
      • ‘We would really love to publish your work, hopefully your present submission and future ones as well.’
      • ‘The respondents made detailed written submissions about these documents.’
      • ‘Written submissions from individuals and interested groups are also welcome.’
      • ‘Please be sure as an angler your submission on this final proposal is sent in on time.’
      • ‘Over 40 parties commented on or made submissions at the planning application stage.’
      • ‘The council also insists it must be able to comment on any further applications or submissions.’
      • ‘The Court has considered the written submissions of the applicant in this matter.’
      • ‘There was no opportunity for submissions or proper consideration by a select committee.’
      proposal, suggestion, proposition, recommendation, presentation, tender, bid, offer
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    2. 2.2Law count noun A proposition or argument presented by counsel to a judge or jury.
      ‘the judge halted the trial at the end of the prosecution's submissions’
      • ‘We do not have the transcripts of any submissions which counsel made to the judge on this aspect.’
      • ‘But, equally, I reject the claimant's counsel's submission that the defendants have brought this all on themselves.’
      • ‘That finding by the trial judge was made in the context of submissions by counsel.’
      • ‘The judge recorded the submissions of her counsel in these terms.’
      • ‘In a careful judgment the judge rejected those submissions, and the trial then proceeded.’
      argument, assertion, contention, statement, claim, allegation, protestation, declaration
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Late Middle English: from Old French, or from Latin submissio(n-), from the verb submittere (see submit).