Definition of submergible in English:



  • See submerge

    • ‘A submergible modular vessel comprising a body fittable with at least one cargo module, an anchor system comprising an anchor with a power unit for deploying and retracting the anchor, a control and command system comprising a signal receiving and processing module, a surfacing/submerge module and control therefore, and an energy source for said modules.’
    • ‘Materials for fabricating the second submergible instrument box have been ordered.’
    • ‘This fuzzy algae is working like submergible plants.’
    • ‘The present invention relates to oil-filled protectors for use with submergible electric motors and, more particularly, for use with electric submergible motors to be suspended within wellbores.’
    • ‘For use in such tanks, Tokyo Gas developed and introduced the world's first small-size and lightweight submergible observation device for visual checks of inside of the tanks.’