Definition of submaxillary gland in English:

submaxillary gland


  • another term for submandibular gland
    • ‘The calcium concentration of the submaxillary glands of other mammals have not been compared using the same analytical procedures.’
    • ‘These lesions are very common in the minor salivary glands (particularly in the labial glands), but are very infrequent in the major salivary glands - including the submaxillary glands.’
    • ‘Parotids glands are located anteriorly to the submaxillary glands, having their posterior portion in close contact with the anterior part of the latter.’
    • ‘The parotid and submaxillary glands from a Wister rat, parotid gland and pancreas from a Japanese white rabbit, and a porcine pancreas were harvested.’
    • ‘Ablation of host submaxillary glands modifies Ehrlich tumor growth and tumor-infiltrating leukocytes, possibly by modifications in the serum level of growth factors produced by this gland.’


submaxillary gland