Definition of submarginal in English:



  • (of land) not allowing profitable farming or cultivation.

    • ‘Laborers, barred in large measure from the chance to work on speculatively held land, would either go to the city and become a class of urban poor, or move to hitherto submarginal plots of land and settle on them.’
    • ‘The two bands became docile subsistence farmers on submarginal agricultural land.’
    • ‘Most of this land is classified as submarginal.’
    • ‘A Mill tax cannot cause supermarginal land to become submarginal, because marginal land pays no tax, while supermarginal land pays less than its full rental value in tax.’
    • ‘Through their skill, the country's marginal and submarginal pasturage has supported their huge herds of transient camels, sheep, goats, cattle, and horses for thousands of years.’