Definition of sublet in English:



[with object]
Pronunciation /sʌbˈlɛt/
  • Lease (a property) to a subtenant.

    ‘I quit my job and sublet my apartment’
    • ‘These restrictions automatically cut out many working class families as well as students or other renters subletting in older homes.’
    • ‘The respondent's lease contained a covenant against subletting; and the superior landlord might well wish to be heard on the question whether or not there was an existing sub-tenancy.’
    • ‘It was during those visits that he noticed McLeish was subletting his office to law firms, a photocopier firm and the charity.’
    • ‘Now he's back and he's subletting my roomate's room for a month.’
    • ‘I have to move because the guy I'm subletting from is moving back after 2 years.’
    • ‘At the age of 26, I finally get my own place under my own name - sure, I'd spent the last year subletting random apartments, but they were all furnished.’
    • ‘The landlord will help himself to half of your net profits from subletting.’
    • ‘In the event of any such assignment, subletting or transfer, the Contractor shall be responsible for securing compliance with these conditions in every respect.’
    • ‘Those leaseholders subletting their homes will still have to pay for charges within the two week period.’
    • ‘Ted has sublet his apartment for the trip he didn't take, so Michael suggests he move in with him.’
    • ‘I also think that anyone subletting their apartment or room for equal or less than the rent in this market is a fool, and is doing both themselves and the community a disservice.’
    • ‘Senay is a hotel cleaner from Ankara, who fears the immigration police, because she is not supposed to have a job, nor make money from subletting her flat.’
    • ‘He confirmed reports that some farmers in Mkushi farm bloc were subletting their farms.’
    • ‘Then, your Honours, under clause 6 one sees that, consent to, to put it shortly, subletting or parting with the possession or selling or transferring requires the ‘consent of the Minister’.’
    • ‘Short of the classifieds, how would you suggest one go about subletting his or her home.’
    • ‘They do not seek to incriminate, since practices such as subletting offices and employing relatives do not actually break any rules.’
    • ‘In 1994, SkyDome Corporation took over the premises and sublet the property.’
    • ‘The 34-year-old self-employed relief herdsman was subletting a room from landlord Nigel Smith.’
    • ‘He had now bought and moved into a larger house in the suburbs and agreed to sublet the property for the remaining three months of his lease.’
    • ‘A lodging house is loosely defined as a single, detached home, usually divided into various rooms for student subletting purposes.’
    rent out, let out, rent, lease, hire, hire out, loan, give on loan, sublease, farm out, contract, charge for the use of
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Pronunciation /ˈsʌblɛt/
  • 1A lease of a property by a tenant to a subtenant.

    • ‘It is unbearably slow and cumbersome, and it's not connecting students with leases and sublets as well as the old orange card system.’
    • ‘He pledged that the cash obtained from five sublets of his constituency offices when he was a Westminster MP would be paid back if the Commons instructed him.’
    • ‘Tenants may, and many do, sublet to others, becoming landlords themselves.’
    • ‘Yoder says he received no pay, but Bragg covered his rent in a New Orleans sublet and covered hotel, gas, and meal expenses whenever Yoder worked on a story that required him to travel.’
    • ‘Davis Management Ltd. the lease contained a provision that the tenant could not assign or sublet without leave.’
    • ‘Landlord forces new increase after sublet or assignment of lease. • No heat until or if landlord decides, if heating is included in the lease.’
    1. 1.1informal A property that has been subleased.
      • ‘Sandra Meader, a UW physics grad, rented a sublet for an eight-month lease for $150 a month, which she found posted on the SLC bulletin board.’
      • ‘Harding's sublet came after a year of advertising for a tenant to occupy unused space.’
      • ‘I'm thinking about entering into a friendly agreement over an apartment sublet with someone I trust completely.’
      • ‘He may also be able to find a sublet, many of the med students go home for the summer, so he may be able to find a furnished room/apartment for cheap.’
      • ‘He rushed to register the sublet with the Commons authorities.’