Definition of sublease in English:


noun & verb

  • ‘the company is to sublease three buildings’
    another term for sublet
    • ‘He agreed that he read and understood the sublease and the ‘Consent to Sublease.’’
    • ‘This seems to be something of a trend, in which a chains of stores requiring a large floor area are subleasing parts of their stores to chains of stores drink) requiring smaller floor areas.’
    • ‘The scope of the landlord's liability is circumscribed by the class of persons seeking to lease or sublease the premises.’
    • ‘He subleased a small commercial kitchen and found customers mostly by word of mouth.’
    • ‘Salt merchants were able to enter and exit the business by buying, selling, leasing, or subleasing their salt certificate.’
    • ‘However, the question also arises of whether he has any standing to enforce covenants in the sublease (to which he is not a party) against the subtenant.’
    • ‘In theory a lease with 17 ½ years to run could have a capital value in August 1995 in addition to the value of the rents from the short term subleases.’
    • ‘The network wants to sublease 17,000 square feet of studio space from a television production company in a K Street office building.’
    • ‘Saturday we had lunch with our landlords, who are actually friends from whom we sublease our apartment, to discuss the schedule of the imminent sale of the place.’
    • ‘She subleased part of the land to Mr Reid for the sand and soil yard.’
    • ‘The plaintiff requested that if the defendant subleased a part of the tower to another telecommunication company the plaintiff would receive a further annual rent of $4,000.’
    • ‘The new owners tried to defray some of the overhead by subleasing parts of the store.’
    • ‘After subleasing their apartment, the Ricardos find themselves living with the Mertzes when Ricky's gig out of town is suddenly cancelled.’
    • ‘Renters who are allowed to sublease their low-rent apartments can profit from the high cost of housing in the San Francisco area.’
    • ‘They subleased the right to collect taxes in dioceses, parishes, towns, and neighborhoods, which were commonly further divided into separate subleases for wine, fish, and meat.’
    • ‘So Roberts subleased some space in another building within the same development.’
    • ‘The sublease was to be a month-to-month tenancy, terminable by either party on sixty days notice.’
    • ‘For instance, one tenant in Silicon Valley needed to sublease 200,000 square feet of its space.’
    • ‘The potential for subleasing equipment, unlike fixed assets such as office space, is very limited.’
    • ‘She in turn subleased the land to the second and third respondents.’