Definition of subjunct in English:



  • An adverb or prepositional phrase used in a role that does not form part of the basic clause structure, for example kindly in he kindly offered to help.

    • ‘Therefore to obtain the proper sequence it is necessary to first process the terminal N node for the article, then the subjunct for the adjective, and then the N node a second time for the noun.’
    • ‘This category of prepositional senses includes mostly subjuncts and disjuncts that indicate something constituting an exception or exclusion to what is predicated in the related clause.’
    • ‘This applies, for example, to the focusing subjuncts also, just, merely, only and simply, and to disjuncts like probably and surely.’
    • ‘Intensifiers fall into the category of subjuncts.’


Early 20th century: from Latin subjunctus, past participle of subjungere (see subjoin).