Definition of subjectively in English:



  • 1In a way that is based on personal feelings, tastes, or opinions.

    ‘artistic creation is judged subjectively’
    ‘samples of the product were subjectively evaluated’
    • ‘Dishonesty is to be assessed objectively, not subjectively.’
    • ‘Peer review is a means to subjectively measure students' perceived gains from spillovers in classroom discussions.’
    • ‘Whoever takes it upon themselves to pass judgement will do so subjectively, for no matter how hard one tries, objectivity is not possible.’
    • ‘The paddle was subjectively interpreted by handlers as being annoying to the pig.’
    • ‘The 30 large-capital companies are subjectively picked by the editors of the Wall Street Journal.’
    1. 1.1 In a way that is dependent on the mind for existence.
      ‘the natural tendency we have to impute subjectively perceived qualities to objects’
      • ‘He advocated using colour robustly and subjectively, not realistically.’
      • ‘These are phenomena that are subjectively unexpected.’
      • ‘Are the applicant's fears are subjectively genuine?’
      • ‘It was maintained that emotional qualities are directly perceived in the object and not reflected upon it from subjectively experienced emotion.’
      • ‘In pop culture, is this emphasis on personal and subjectively intuited spirituality new?’