Definition of subject matter in English:

subject matter


mass noun
  • The topic dealt with or the subject represented in a debate, exposition, or work of art.

    • ‘Its subject matter appears to be procedural and evidential rather than substantive.’
    • ‘The conversational subject matter becomes very odd indeed, or not what you'd expect.’
    • ‘His irony, by contrast, is too subtle to stand up to the grimness of much of his subject matter.’
    • ‘It does this not only through the treatment of its subject matter but also in its cinematic language.’
    • ‘The subject matter with which the condition deals is one relevant for its consideration.’
    • ‘There will be a good variety of subject matter and it is hoped to have refreshments available in aid of charity.’
    • ‘I was falling into a popular error, that of confusing a film with its subject matter.’
    • ‘The horror subject matter makes the film appear to be ultimately, horror films.’
    • ‘The society looks forward to a good display of varied subject matter of local interest.’
    • ‘Do you think young people should be allowed to handle these types of subject matter?’
    • ‘How do you handle the thorny topic of how to arrange them: alphabetically or by subject matter?’
    • ‘The record is harder, more serious, but then its subject matter is hardly a barrel of laughs.’
    • ‘Its value lies in introducing its subject matter to those without special knowledge.’
    • ‘The subject matter of this question is clear and can be divided into three parts.’
    • ‘Another was that he was drawn to simple subject matter as well as painting history.’
    • ‘Buchan's great trick is his deadpan approach to the most outlandish subject matter.’
    • ‘In so doing he seems to want you to question the history of similar subject matter.’
    • ‘The simple style and everyday subject matter of her poems have made them a hit with almost everyone.’
    • ‘The poets are three young women and two men with an ethnic mix that is as diverse as their subject matter.’
    • ‘The subject matter falls out as irrelevant, the different views on the same thing are what it's about.’
    theme, topic, issue, question, concern, text, thesis, content, point, motif, thread
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subject matter