Definition of subglacial in English:



  • Situated or occurring underneath a glacier or ice sheet.

    • ‘Piotrowski discussed van Weert et al.'s modelling and emphasized the importance of subglacial drainage where bedrock permeability is low.’
    • ‘Satellite imagery has revolutionized the mapping of subglacial landforms such as glacial lineations and facilitated the mapping of former glacier beds at ice-sheet scales.’
    • ‘The majority of these flutes commence in the lee of Carboniferous and Permian boulders, indicative of a local subglacial origin.’
    • ‘A notable signature of the ice-sheet readvance during the Killard Point Stadial was the subglacial transfer of large volumes of detritus to tidewater margins.’
    • ‘However, the listric thrust geometries together with imbricated bedrock point to a subglacial origin.’