Definition of suberization in English:


(British suberisation)


  • See suberize

    • ‘Lignification and suberization was believed to play a role in the defensive responses to the entry of pathogenic microorganisms through a wounded part by developing physical barriers.’
    • ‘The roles in defence include oxidation of hydroxy-cinnamyl alcohols into free radical intermediates, phenol oxidation, cross-linking of polysaccharides and of extensin monomers, lignification and suberization.’
    • ‘These changes have been mostly investigated over a long-term period and are clearly associated with profound anatomical adaptations including the suberization and lignification of cell walls.’
    • ‘It has been shown that salinity promotes suberization of the hypodermis and endodermis and that the Casparian strip is developed closer to the root tip than in non saline roots.’
    • ‘Increased rates of suberization and lignification in the exodermis may lead to a greater resistance to the entry of materials into the root apoplast.’