Definition of subdomain in English:



  • 1A subdivision of a domain.

    ‘artificial intelligence is a hazily defined field with two related subdomains’
    • ‘In 67 (19%) cases, these estimates were selected from two or more reported results within a single subdomain based on rules delineated in the methods section.’
    • ‘A strong correlation was found in previous work between the stability of the intact protein and the affinity between its two subdomains.’
    • ‘It can often be difficult or impossible to determine the amount of computation required by a subdomain of a problem.’
    • ‘Intimate partner violence is an important subdomain of such behavior.’
    • ‘This would produce an amino-terminal truncated protein, lacking an essential subdomain required for protein kinase activity.’
    1. 1.1Computing An Internet domain which is part of a primary domain.
      ‘within the .us domain, there are subdomains for the fifty states’
      ‘ is a subdomain of’
      • ‘Subdomains are a vital part of the Internet but require some technical know-how to implement them on your server.’
      • ‘If you operate a web site and wish to link to this site, you may link only to the home page of the site and not to any other page or subdomain of us.’
      • ‘And what of all the hundreds of ISPs that offer as a service the inclusion of a subdomain on your acquired domain?’
      • ‘The dot-kids-dot-us is sort of a subdomain of dot-us.’
      • ‘Or, if you don't want to pay to register a domain, and you have a friend who's into DNS, you could ask for a subdomain of one of his or her domains.’