Definition of subcurrent in English:



  • ‘there was a real intellectual subcurrent in the science fiction films of the fifties’
    another term for undercurrent
    • ‘They come to him from some weird, distinctive subcurrent of malevolent Americana, and he writes them down.’
    • ‘The gay subcurrent is just part of what makes this boxing drama so interesting.’
    • ‘Yet there's more going on here, a developing world subcurrent that's deftly handled.’
    • ‘That weird subcurrent of deep agreement is mysterious to me, but I think it worth exploring by some writer who has a better grasp of such matters than me.’
    • ‘This exclusionary subcurrent became more pronounced in the late 19th century, in a context of imperialism, nationalism, antifeminism, and antisocialism.’
    • ‘There is a powerful subcurrent of horror at the ignorance of those who subject themselves to this sort of nutritional abuse.’
    • ‘That was a subcurrent in hippiedom which I cannot entirely detest since I feel its appeal.’
    • ‘This subcurrent of thought that scientists who wish to blog should become more like journalists is absolutely wrongheaded.’
    • ‘The resentment it creates increasingly finds expression in a subcurrent of misplaced nostalgia for old Labour.’