Definition of subcontinental in English:



  • See subcontinent

    • ‘This was the first time I had actually watched Canada play in this tournament, and the striking thing about their team was just how subcontinental their team looked.’
    • ‘Obviously these pictures take a position that in a western gallery mediates for the other India, one that is insulated from disasters, disease, subcontinental chaos.’
    • ‘Dismissing, optimistically, the threats of African AIDS and Indian subcontinental nuclear lunacy, there will be huge population pressures in the poorer countries over the next few decades.’
    • ‘I had 20-page faxes of handwritten itineraries, imploring phone calls in the middle of the night, notes from strangers, the itinerant yogis of subcontinental tourism.’
    • ‘Does the richness of the tradition of argument make much difference to subcontinental lives today?’