Definition of subatomic particle in English:

subatomic particle


  • A particle smaller than an atom (e.g., a neutron) or a cluster of such particles (e.g., an alpha particle).

    Compare with elementary particle
    • ‘After hunting around the Particle Physics category and doing some keyword searches on the phrase ‘subatomic particles,’ we determined that the primary means of spotting tiny particles is the use of cloud chambers and bubble chambers.’
    • ‘Physicist Antimo Palano representing the BABAR experiment presented the evidence for the identification of a new subatomic particle named Ds to a packed auditorium on Monday 28th April at the Department of Energy's Stanford Linear Accelerator Center.’
    • ‘Physicists get to heart of antimatter - Like Jekyll and Hyde, some subatomic particles are able to act as both matter and their antimatter counterparts.’
    • ‘The subatomic particles we see in nature are nothing more than different resonances of the vibrating superstrings.’
    • ‘Olsen worked with professor Sookyung Choi of Korea's Gyeongsang University on studying the decay products of a subatomic particle called a B meson.’
    • ‘One subatomic particle can have different states and probabilities, at the same time.’
    • ‘The breakthrough comes after researchers discovered that the mass of another subatomic particle - the W boson - is slightly heavier than previous measurements, pointing them in a new direction.’
    • ‘The Electron is a fundamental subatomic particle that carries an electric charge.’
    • ‘The first subatomic particle to be discovered was the electron.’
    • ‘An experiment that tracks subtle motions of subatomic particles called muons has found tantalizing evidence for a vast shadow universe existing side by side with ours.’
    • ‘Throughout the book, connections are shown between the historic discoveries of subatomic particles and work today at the frontiers of physics.’
    • ‘The subatomic particles of zero charge have been shown to fall into a quantized series obeying the relationship Mass of subatomic particle = M = 25.95 n + 134.97 Here n is an integral quantum number and the constant term is the mass of the meson.’
    • ‘The two discoveries are linked through one of the strangest features of the universe, dark energy, a linkage they say could be caused by a previously unrecognized subatomic particle they call the ‘acceleron.’’
    • ‘It has been known for 50 years that very special species of subatomic particles can make spontaneous transitions between matter and antimatter.’
    • ‘The exhibition is a display of 25 large-scale vibrantly colored computer-generated images inked on canvas and paper, as well as sculpture, that give visual qualities to subatomic particles.’
    • ‘The three main subatomic particles that form an atom are protons, neutrons, and electrons.’