Definition of sub-assembly in English:



  • A unit assembled separately but designed to be incorporated with other units into a larger manufactured product.

    • ‘What we do outsource is the sub-assembly of components and sub-assemblies themselves.’
    • ‘Among the unusual features of the Gliwice plant are its ‘fishbone’ body shop layout, which has two sub-assembly lines feeding into the main line, and the T-shaped general assembly building.’
    • ‘The remainder of the Hawk order was sent in broken-down sub-assemblies and these were put together by the French.’
    • ‘Screws and sub-assemblies have given way to ‘clip on’ modules.’
    • ‘They share structures, platform, parts and sub-assemblies, yet their separate bodies make them Peugeots, Citroëns and Toyotas.’
    • ‘Many of the smaller sub-assemblies passed through this door from other parts of the station.’
    • ‘Jerry Brown, chief operating officer, sat down with them to discuss the risks and rewards of manufacturing sub-assemblies for a major overseas company.’
    • ‘The foreign buyers were on the look out for individual components and also sub-assemblies.’
    • ‘The sub-assemblies are integrated into the transmission case on the main line to produce the finished transmission.’
    • ‘The factory provides a range of job skills for people in mailing, sign-making, production work, sub-assembly, warehousing, distribution, and picking and packing.’
    • ‘The instrument panel sub-assembly was consolidated into one area, and bumper painting for both Honda and Acura is now done in a new 80,000 sq. ft. addition.’
    • ‘Modifications were made to the assembly plant to facilitate the sub-assembly of batteries and surrounding electronic control units, including space and equipment to do testing.’
    • ‘Because the whole firing mechanism housing can be simply removed from the frame by hand, it's both easily maintained and repaired in the field and as a separate sub-assembly, vastly simplifies production of the pistol itself.’
    • ‘Intelligent fastening technology has the potential to be the fastening protocol for all automotive sub-assemblies.’
    • ‘He said of individual components suppliers that it would be useful to have local companies supplying sub-assemblies, tuners and digital control units, as well as heatsinks.’
    • ‘Chrysler has invested in a new subassembly line for Pacifica to weld engine box, underbody sub-assembly and body sides.’
    • ‘Ford has brought some sub-assembly back into the plant.’
    • ‘You send a demand signal to your tier one suppliers that indicates your need for X number of sub-assemblies by a given date.’
    • ‘Some components may need specific testing; for instance, electronic sub-assemblies for electromagnetic compatibility.’
    • ‘He said the way to win new business is to make complex, highly-engineered modules that range from sub-assemblies to vehicles that are completely developed, engineered and assembled by Magna Steyr.’