Definition of sub-aqua in English:



  • Relating to swimming or exploring under water, especially with an aqualung.

    ‘sub-aqua equipment’
    • ‘Deep, sub-aqua hums are peppered with blips and distant scrapes.’
    • ‘The facility is used by all the local schools and by all ages for competitive coaching, swim classes, fun swims, lifesaving lessons, water fitness sessions and sub-aqua training.’
    • ‘The first-time diver's mettle was tested by the sub-aqua gear.’
    • ‘As it stands, the Gwladmena is a regular site for the local Shetland sub-aqua clubs and only the occasional visiting diver.’
    • ‘This was confirmed when we surveyed more than 80 UK sub-aqua clubs.’
    • ‘A far less daunting but equally enjoyable dive is provided by the remains of an army scout car sunk in 6m of water, close to a jetty where a British Army sub-aqua club is based.’
    • ‘The retired army sub-aqua diver is aiming to get more than £100 sponsorship before the national Butlins Swimathon on Sunday.’
    • ‘Garda air support and sub-aqua units were called in to assist with the search.’
    • ‘It is, I imagine, like sub-aqua diving or being in intensive care or running the last mile of a marathon uphill.’
    • ‘I say this after reading a Northern newspaper cutting in which it is reported that one local sub-aqua club is offering the general public a repair service for - waterbeds.’
    • ‘Divers from the Kilkenny sub-aqua team located the body off Fethard-On-Sea shortly after 2pm yesterday.’
    • ‘On the lake people can try their hand at sailing, windsurfing, rowing and canoeing, as well as sub-aqua diving in a special tank.’
    • ‘Local sub-aqua club members joined the naval diving team that was successful during the recent Fethard-onsea search.’
    • ‘Dr Crowe, who is active in the Institute's sub-aqua society, also had scuba-diving equipment on display.’
    • ‘As we pulled them out we put them into plastic bags so the council could dump them’ said Paddy Kehoe, a member of the Carlow sub-aqua club.’
    • ‘On Saturday morning the Kildare and Laois branches of the Civil Defence, along with the army Air Corps helicopter and members of the Santry and Athlone sub-aqua teams were dispatched to the scene to begin the search.’
    • ‘An aircraft engineer, and keen sub-aqua diver, Jamie Benton from Humberside, was with his family when he saw what was happening and offered to help.’
    • ‘He said also that it was some days before the sub-aqua team were able to come to Lecanvey as they had been working elsewhere.’
    • ‘Discover for yourself if Atlantis fact or fantastic legend at this luxurious, once-in-a-lifetime sub-aqua night of adventure.’
    • ‘The Garda sub-aqua team searched 36 miles of the River Barrow.’


mass noun
  • Underwater swimming or exploration with an aqualung.

    ‘the sea is warm, blue, and incredibly clear—ideal for sub-aqua’
    • ‘Among the sports which could be encouraged are sailing, waterskiing, dragon boat racing, power boating, sub-aqua and cruising.’
    • ‘There was also the chance for men and women aged between 17 and 26 to win an adventure training holiday with the Army in Cyprus, involving sea canoeing, sub-aqua, mountain biking, mountain walking, and cultural visits to historic sites.’
    • ‘So far golf is our leader, but there are opportunities in sub-aqua, walking, wildlife and bird watching, even archaeological digs.’
    • ‘She said Alan's hobbies included sailing, parachuting, sky diving and sub-aqua and he held a micropilot's licence and enjoyed aerobatics.’


1950s: from sub- ‘under’ + Latin aqua ‘water’.