Definition of suasible in English:



  • Able to be easily persuaded.

    • ‘Phil always did have the willpower of a particularly suasible flea.’
    • ‘Throughout the Inspired Writings, men are dealt with by their Maker, as suasible, accountable, and free.’
    • ‘The want of mental strength rendering them so peculiarly suasible, they possess no powers of resistance.’
    • ‘Bragg was forced to issue his own proclamation to the men of Kentucky, but the Kentuckians were not in a suasible mood.’
    • ‘Calling for some volunteers (where none were suasible) I firmly supervised the burial of the dead.’
    easily persuaded, amenable, adaptable, accommodating, cooperative, malleable, pliable, compliant, flexible, acquiescent, tractable, pliant, yielding, biddable, complaisant, like putty in one's hands, impressionable, manageable, manipulable, influenceable, suggestible, susceptible
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Late 16th century: from late Latin suasibilis, from Latin suas- participial stem of the verb suadere (see suasion).